Philosophy (english)


Our Mission

We know about the power of cooperation. We help our clients, to find partners for cooperation and resources for their individual business situation.

Our Business Activities

Our homeland is information technology with all relations.

You are searching a key resource for your business idea or project – We organize it.

You are planning a cooperation or a network – We help to initiate it and to organize the new structure.

You have an interesting business idea, but you want to avoid a complete expensive company setup for the first stage – We provide consultancy, project management and an established company platform as a service.

You need a representative base in Berlin – We organize the start (not only for IT companies).

You want to setup a start-up or a public sponsored project – We help to select the right support program and to write the application.

You need a digital transformation coach – We provide excellent experts.

About Us

Resource Brokers GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2000 as a cooperative platform for temporary projects and innovative business fields – to generate benefit for the cooperation partners and for our clients.

Our senior partners are experienced entrepreneurs and engaged in associations, networks and science. We support the Business Plan Wettbewerb (Competition) Berlin/Brandenburg (BPW) for several years and have a partnership with the Cloud EcoSystem.

Our Principles:

Trust, loyality, fairness and reliability are the base of every cooperation. Our reputation regarding these principles are our major asset.

We never take credits. Projects and business fields must be financed of themselves.

Innovation means try and error, chance to win and risk to fail. Errors are our friends, because they help us getting better. We cultivate to handle failures and critics openly.

Our business purpose is to care for chances, not size nor profit. We have no ambition for growth. We release our business fields to independency willingly.